Monday, January 30, 2006

Tools of the trade

Macromedia Flash is a revolutionary storytelling medium, when I think of the term "multimedia journalism", flash is what I think of. Combining video, text, photo and audio all into one package that's compatible on many platforms, and can be refined into a sleek and usable presentation. But for news sites flash is still regarded as a way to tell in-depth stories, and is too slow for breaking news. While coding can be time consuming, the technology and equipment
available today makes it possible to collect and publish news in flash fast enough to compete with print. By training journalists to design flash templates where info can be dropped in, this medium can be best utilized.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The death of print

No one told me what "multimedia journalism" meant when they introduced it as a major at my University of Texas orientation. I was already into my junior year before I realized that it's what I was always searching for, and where the future of journalism lie. Multimedia focuses on the internet, and is still the bastard stepchild of journalism at my university..frowned on by broadcasters and news writers as a hack medium. This blog will chronicle evidence of the internet stepping forward as the top source for information and news.