Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Networked journalism"

It's scary to be working in a field where the language of the industry is still being developed. In the past year I've heard terms come and go to describe what's happening in this new era of journalism: "Web 2.0", "nonlinear story telling", "new journalism".

The next big term appears to be "networked journalism", and I think it's an idea that's valuable to the field, and much less theatening sounding than "citizen journalism", which implies a demise of the news business. Rather than taking a scary situation and polarizing it more with "citizen" vs. "traditional", "networked journalism" involves a journalist interacting with the public and linking out to other news sources and editorial sources. I wonder if the rhetoric of "network" comes partly from the friendly term "social networking"

Read more about this powerful new development, as described by Jeff Jarvis, here.


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