Thursday, August 03, 2006

Creative Commons collection

I've been aware of the Creative Commons license for a while now, but it hadn't occured to me how important it was until I interviewed my mom, a librarian, about the commonality of copyright infringement in her daily job. She wasn't aware of the Creative Commons, and spends lots of time trying to cover the school's ass from teachers publicly showing movies, kids copying and pasting and the administration incorporating corporate logos into cute school promotions. Only a small portion of what she deals with is online copyright infringement, but I think the attitude of free downloadig bleeds into what people think is appropriate in daily life.

This blog is dedicated to offering the best and most useful creative commons licensed media online including music and ebooks. Unfortunately my mom has been saddled with educating the school in respecting and identifying copyright, but this site might make it a bit easier.
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Hooray for Copyright Interviews. ^_^

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