Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fox uses myspace: Black.White

Well Fox has started using myspace. For the debut of their controversial new FX series Black.White, the commercials don't refer viewers to a website but to their myspace page. This is a genius little bit of marketing for a show that people want to talk about; hundreds have already commented on the photos of the race switched families as to whether they pass. The show, which premieres March 8th, already has 26,502 friends and 1,224 comments in their forum. Utilizing myspace music applications, Executive Producer Ice Cube has recorded a song, Race Card, which they offer for download on the site as either an mp3 or a ringtone. This simultaneously advertises Ice Cube's new album "Laugh now, cry later".

This form of advertisement is known as viral marketing, and relies on people's word of mouth and social networking to exponentially pass an advertisement'ss message. FX entertained huge success last season with their page for Nip/Tuck's villian The Carver and seem to be replicating it with Black.White.

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