Tuesday, February 07, 2006

House pet blogging

I thought I was just clever as hell when I made a myspace page for my friend's cat Napolienne. Clearly I have once again underestimated the weirdness of the web, meet Catster and Dogster. I know people who still don't have time to maintain their own myspace page and these folks evidently have enough for them and their beasts. And the worst part is I can't really tease them because I've been engaging in my own pet blogging.

It was a weird sort of pleasure I got anonymously hiding behind Napolienne's identity and writing sassy messages to my friends. Deciding what music she would like, what background she would choose..she's got 33 friends! I suppose the anonymity combined with profiles like this being free encourages people to do crazy things. Seems that maybe this ties in with my sex blog?

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