Monday, February 06, 2006

VH1 sees the future of entertainment

Newscorp bought myspace in july and has yet to do anything with the purchase. It seems they're having trouble translating the internet into television entertainment or news vehicle. Well VH1 has taken the lead in marrying the idea of user created online content into a television program with their new show Web Junk. In October VH1 purchased online film aggregator ifilm and is using those silly clips that normally get passed around in e-mails, to make a up a television show of the weeks funniest films. The show and the site really feed off one another; the show sends users to the site, they can download clips to their myspace pages or upload their own clips and tune back into the show in hopes of seeing them. It's also a cheap-as-hell way to make a TV show. It's really only a matter of time before Rupert Murdoch figures it out and has a myspace equivalent.

What's strange to me is their choice of host, comedian Patrice O'Neal, whose commentary is loaded with racial references and put downs. Perhaps they saw putting a black host as a way to balance out the predominantly white videos?

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