Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girlstart successes

I've mentioned before that I volunteer with Girlstart in the Web Divas program, which aims to get girls interested in computers and web development. The past two sessions we've been teaching them to write html and make web pages. To see a room full of 7th graders working with a language that was always so intimidating to me is really neat, they were having tons of fun, figuring out problems on their own and helping one another when they couldn't. Putting this education in a fun format that appeals to their natural skills as females is the key. I also think that putting them in a classroom without boys makes the process easier and less distracting. In short I'm really proud of these girls, they hand coded all of this html and they deserve to show it off.

I also want to urge other women to volunteer or donate to girlstart. Many of the girls who come to the Saturday sessions are minorities and I think having more woman of color teaching the program would show these girls that a future in the tech industry really is possible for them.

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