Tuesday, June 06, 2006


In this week's June 5th issue of Time magazine they put a full page spotlight on Time.com. Time is one of my favorite magazines but lately they had been replaced in my heart by the New York Times because of their publications multimedia content. It looks like Time is trying to catch up and, like everyone else, face the future of journalism.

Some of their coolest features include:

  • Sphere It, a search engine next to their stories that lets you look at what various blogs are saying about that topic
  • Mulitmeda packages in a format very similar to the NY Times, including one on War in the Congo
  • Book excerpts
  • A collection of the week's best political cartoons and photographs
  • A full blog section with its own layout that looks more like a traditional blog layout rather than a modification of the rest of the site. All the blogs have RSS and deep linking.

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