Sunday, June 04, 2006

Love in the information age

I guess you're not as apt to notice a phenomenon when you're part of it. Lately my boyfriend and I have found ourselves lying in bed together with a laptop each, quietly surfing instead of watching TV. We're together, we're entertained and I feel like even though we're working seperately, we get more out of it because we inevitably end up sharing links and learning new things about one another. It makes what's normally a private activity into something shared.

Writer Nick Currie is looking at love in the information age and is exploring the phenomenon of couples surfing the web together. He's put out a call for comments for his upcoming story for WIRED and is exploring questions like:

  • do couples touch while they surf together?
  • does it enhance or impair their communication?
  • is there anything subversive going on, i.e. secretly flirting on IM or looking at porn while you're with your partner?
  • if they're looking at sites like youtube, has surfing come right back around to being television watching?

Plus Nick has an eye patch, and I think it's cool.

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