Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Myspace on Tyra Banks Show

Tuesday's episode of the Tyra banks Show was entirely about Myspace and was a pretty interesting view of the site. Her main focuses were sexual hookups and internet celebrity.
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Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson (remember little Hobie?) was one of the most disgusting talk show guests I've ever seen, bragging about the hundreds of women he's screwed via myspace. He also talked about how he uses the site for club promotion, but mostly he talked about doing it.
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Her other guest was "internet vixen" Christine Dolce who has become just a huge giant star all based on photos of her in her "destroyed denim" jeans. Vanity Fair has called her the queen of myspace and she has 706,000 friends. It's such weird marketing where your customers or audience are called your friends.

Another part I found really intriguing and would like to write a story about in the future is myspace celebrity imposters. As Tyra was making her own page she looked at all the other imposter Tyra Bankses. It made me wonder what compels people to do that, who they are and what it provides them, if they correspond with people and who writes to them.

I was also impressed with the show's website. In addition to a synopsis of every show they also include hyperlinks out. Pretty cool.

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